BEING SMALL – We’ve always admired small business owners. And while we shop the big brands, we always make a point to shop the small guys/gals too. When shopping small, we are supporting our community and helping others achieve their dreams. It allows us to meet such interesting people and find unique goods. We admire the passion, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of small business owners, and we’re excited to join their ranks.

SECOND ACTS – We are inspired by those who are constantly growing and reinventing themselves, discovering untapped gifts and trying new things...finding second - even third or fourth - acts. In a smaller but very practical way, Ever Brighter represents a second act for lovely items that are being under-used by their current owner. And repurposing has the added benefits of being kind to both the environment and the pocketbook.

SELF EXPRESSION THROUGH FASHION AND DÉCOR – Whether she deserves praise or scorn can be debated, but our mom let us pick our own outfits and room decorations from an early age. We may not always make magazine-worthy choices, but we’ve enjoyed letting our personalities shine through our own aesthetic. We encourage our Ever Brighter shoppers to do the same!

WOMEN – We have been blessed to have smart and strong female role models, including our mother and female mentors in faith as well as in the marketplace. We are a proud women-owned business, and appreciate that Ever Brighter affords us the opportunity to work alongside and serve other women.

HAVING FUN – We realize there are more important things in life than…well, things – including fashion and décor, but it's important to have fun in life; and there’s nothing wrong with having nice things. (It’s even more fun when you can stretch your dollar!) Our goal is for Ever Brighter to be an enjoyable treat for every shopper, consignor and volunteer.

GIVING BACK – We believe that giving can and should be a way of life and have been overwhelmed by the blessings that come from this approach. Each Ever Brighter sale will include a monetary donation to the local community, and after each sale, we’ll facilitate donations of unsold items for any consignors who choose to do so.