Our online inventory system makes pricing and entering your items simple. Once you’ve scoured your closets, garage and attic for your Ever Brighter treasures, you’ll price and tag each item. If you would like to participate in the sale but choose not to prepare your own items, you can take advantage of our full service option. Otherwise, read on for tips on preparing clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry and home décor.


You’ll need some or all of the following supplies to tag your items:

  • Wire hangers (e.g. from the dry cleaner) or plastic hangers with a wire top (e.g. from a department store), which are especially helpful for skinny straps

  • Clothespins, to help secure clothing that tends to slip

  • Large safety pins (to be secured to clothing tags only – not clothing)

  • Skirt hangers

  • Heavy white cardstock (65 lb or higher) which can be found at office supply, crafts or large grocery stores. Do not use slick paper

  • Ziploc bags

  • Clear packing tape

  • Twine or heavy string


  • Clean and press clothing

  • Secure buttons, snaps and zippers

  • Hang clothing on hangers with the hook facing left like a question mark

  • Use clothespins to secure the item if it slips loose with a tug; do not use safety pins to secure clothing to the hanger

  • Pants, shorts and skirts will only be accepted on skirt hangers

  • Connect the tag to clothing on the garment tag with a safety pin; do not secure the tag to the clothing anywhere other than the garment tag; if your item has no garment tag, attach with clear packing tape


  • Connect shoes with zip ties, string, clothespins or safety pins; put tag on the sole of one of the shoes using clear packing tape

  • If a scarf has a tag, attach the barcode tag with a safety pin. If not, use tape; if the scarf is delicate and tape would damage it, use a clothespin

  • Attach tag to belts, bags, wallets and hats with a safety pin; if this cannot be done without damaging the item, connect the tag using clear packing tape


  • Connect earrings to the tag and secure in back with packing tape – be sure not to cover up the barcode

  • If rings and bracelets cannot be connected to the tag with a safety pin, please use twine and a safety pin

  • If jewelry is intended to be sold as a set – such as earrings and necklace, connect earrings and necklace to tag with twine and safety pins

  • Please do not put jewelry in a Ziploc bag; if you are having challenges in displaying jewelry, email us at for suggestions


  • Use safety pins or clear packing tape to secure tags to items

  • Linens and curtains can be hung over a hanger; the tag can be attached with a safety pin, if there is a tag with care instructions; do not attach a safety pin to the linens or curtains; you can also use twine

  • Bedding can be displayed in the original bag or tied together with thick ribbon or twine. Please secure so all items stay together

  • Decorative clocks must have batteries and be in working order

  • Lamps must be in working order including working light bulbs

  • For any décor with multiple pieces, please ensure all are secured with tape, twine or in a Ziploc bag

  • Dishes must be in sets of four or more; if your dishes include many pieces (such as salad plates, saucers, etc.), please attach a note clearly listing out every item included and quantity of each