As outlined in the volunteer expectations, Ever Brighter volunteers must be friendly, helpful, respectful, on time and on task. If you sign up an additional volunteer to join you or serve in your place, they must fulfill these same requirements. Additional policies and details on how you can share your volunteer hours are listed below.

Multiple people can earn volunteer hours for you (your consignor number)

  • For example, if you do 15 hours of volunteering and your friend/sweetheart/family member does 5 more on your behalf, you/your consignor number get credit for 20 hours of volunteering.
  • If someone is going to volunteer in your place, please keep in mind, the perks for volunteering only apply to the consignor number. If your volunteer proxy wants a volunteer shopping pass, she must volunteer on her own consignor number.
  • If someone is volunteering in your place to earn volunteer hours for your consignor number, please email us at hello@everbrightersale.com to let us know after signing up for those shifts.
  • If someone is volunteering with you to earn volunteer hours for your consignor number, please email us to let us know. The system will only allow you to sign up for yourself, but we can register the other person on the back-end.
  • The volunteer policies and penalties apply for all volunteers, so if you are asking someone to volunteer with you or in your place, please make sure they are aware of these policies. Whether or not they meet the volunteer expectations can impact your consignor number benefits.

All volunteers must be 16 years or older.