If you choose to donate your unsold items following the sale and have entered into the system accordingly, you have no further responsibilities after you complete the drop off process. However, you also have the option to designate your items for pick-up rather than donation post-sale. You can also designate some items as donatable and others for pick up.

Pick up of unsold items takes place the day after the sale ends. As with drop off, you can send someone to pick up items in your absence. Be sure to provide them with your name and consignor number.

Please note: If you do not select the donate option when entering your items, you are expected to pick up your items - or schedule for someone else to do so - during this time period. There will be a $20 sorting fee deducted from your earnings if you did not mark your items to donate and then fail to pick them up.

Pick Up Process

When you come to pick up, sign in with your consignor number, and a volunteer will help retrieve your unsold items.

We will make every effort to prevent theft and ensure unsold, non-donated items are returned to you. However, with so many items in the sale, we cannot promise this for every item. There will also be a lost and found area for items where tags were lost.