How do all of these perks and volunteer credits work?

Ever Brighter is a major undertaking, and it wouldn't be possible without our many volunteers, consignors and supporters. Additionally, we want our consignors to participate in a way that makes sense for them, so we are offering a wide range of options.

For some, that means taking advantage of our full service option because you simply do not have any time to prepare your items; earning a smaller percentage of sales is worth it to you.

For others, you aren't able to volunteer much or any, but you have a ton of items to sell and you are a social media maven. In that case, you can earn a higher percentage through our Facebook and Instagram promotion options as well as the benefits of consigning more items.

And still others relish the opportunity to participate in the sale and can volunteer multiple shifts and earn your spot as one of the very first pre-sale shoppers. Find a mix that works for you!


Michelle has almost no spare moment this time of year, but her closets are busting.

  • She opts for the full service option, which means she receives 35% of her sales; she also earned 5% for referring five friends who all consigned with Ever Brighter

  • Michelle increased her earnings to 40% of total sales.


Brooke's work schedule doesn't allow her to volunteer, but she has many items to sell. She's also a repeat consignor - July 2019 is Brooke's third Ever Brighter sale in a row.

  • On top of her baseline 60% earnings, she earned 3% for consigning for three sales in a row

  • Brooke bumped her earnings up to 63% of her total sales.


Anna also has a busy schedule but does have some flexibility and is able to fit in 3 five-hour volunteer shifts during the week. Her husband Joe can also join her to volunteer for 1 five-hour shift on set-up day.

  • Anna is credited for 20 hours of volunteering, meaning she receives 80% of her total sales, and she is in the first group to shop both the pre-sale and the half-price pre-sale. Go Anna!