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If you want to consign in the sale but simply do not have the time - or perhaps the desire - to prepare your own items, we provide a full service option. If you consign 30 or more items and can coordinate a pick up appointment with Ever Brighter within 25 miles of the sale, we will pick up your items, prepare them for the sale, enter them into the system, tag them and transport them to the sale. The deadline to request full service is Monday, June 10.

You will make a minimum of 35% of the sale price, and you are still eligible to increase your earnings up to 55%. To take advantage of the full service option, email us at hello@everbrightersale.com. We will work with you to schedule a pick up time and location.

Please provide requested pricing and any details you would like included in the description. Otherwise, you'll leave those decisions to Ever Brighter. All items will be marked to go half-price for the half-price sale and to be donated if unsold, unless you direct us otherwise. Full service does not include delivery of unsold items after the sale. If you do not select unsold items to be donated, you must pick up your unsold items the day following the sale.

Ever Brighter will prepare your items, including putting them on proper hangers, with pins, tags, etc. and will enter into the system. However, items must be clean, unwrinkled and free from pet hair at time of pick up.