About Ever Brighter


The Ever Brighter sale is a women's consignment event in Dallas/Fort Worth. North Texans are invited to sell their new and gently used women's clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories and home décor in the sale by registering their items online. Consignors then drop off their registered items, and Ever Brighter takes care of the rest. Our sale takes place this week: July 17-21.

Ever Brighter is a customizable experience - consignors can increase how much they earn (from 60-80% of the sale price) and receive additional perks through volunteering, referrals and more. Consignors can also earn a merchandise credit by entering 30 or more of their items by the early bird deadline of each sale.

Shoppers will find a wide range of beautiful, new and gently used fashion, jewelry and home goods at a discount, including a half-price sale on the final day of Ever Brighter.

Why We Started Ever Brighter

Like many of you, we enjoy shopping, the thrill of the hunt and finding a great bargain. But too often, those successful bargain hunts meant ending up with things that simply go unused - lovely clothing that never fit well or gorgeous shoes unrealistic for our day-to-day lives. Certain home décor seemed too cute to pass up, but it didn't match, and so we stuck it in storage to use on a day that - honestly - never came. We're sure many of you can relate.

As we worked to change our overbuying ways, we knew we also needed to clear out the clutter. Just because it was nice or even expensive, didn't mean we should keep it - just to sit in the back of a closet. At the same time, we found it rather frustrating that a dress in great condition that cost $150 might only get $3 at a garage sale, and we'd had limited success at brick-and-mortar consignment stores. In contrast, we had a great experience at a women's pop-up consignment sale in the town where we grew up. We were surprised that Dallas/Fort Worth only had events like this for babies, children and maternity.

"The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day."


We cherish the promise associated with Proverbs 4:18, and felt that in a different sense, the term "ever brighter" summed up resale and repurpose at its best. Under-used or unwanted things can weigh someone down, but in the hands of a new owner - they can shine bright and bring joy to a new home.

For decades, we've borrowed one another's things. Earrings that never seem to make it into one sister's regular rotation inevitably become the perfect missing piece in the other sister's go-to jewelry. Ever Brighter is intended to bring that same idea to women in Dallas/Fort Worth - let's give new life to clothing, shoes, accessories and décor that are perfectly good but are no longer a fit for you. It could very well be the missing piece for another woman's home or wardrobe. And seeing someone excited to buy your amazing red pumps can definitely help get you past your "I cannot believe I paid so much for those and wore them once!" woes.

We also started Ever Brighter because we so enjoy being a part of efforts that succeed thanks to a collective effort - this sale is made possible by our wonderful consignors, shoppers, volunteers and supporters.